My Womb/My Tomb – Shannon Pride

My Womb/My Tomb

From within my womb Im consumed by
Thoughts and perceived notions, fueled
By state potions, entertained by dreams
Trapped & fired by vision inside of me

As I lay pace? Pray I devise
Strategies to help the day I’m exhumed
From this tomb in which I stay into that aquarium of color & light – as of this blandness
It’s monotony and neutral tones that spy
My plight. This wrongness that leads to my right.

From within my womb I believe to proceed
To a wiser path, acclaimed an O.F. A wise ass
Except I’m more embryonic than iconic. All those
Smarts & ideals held within myself inside
These cells all these years.

Never found the manual to my mantronics,
Short circuited I cannabalyze my mantrons
Still a Laureate to the I think poorly lot
Even though I see beyond it – Bounded &
Adhered to so many blocks that lead to
Blocks – empty squares that say put
A check right there

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