My Poem – Deidra Rose Vincer AKA Twitch

My feelings have been balled up and tossed out like tissue,
but this is nearly the issue. Don’t bother with grieving, it is now
a new season to receive and believe in. Blessings from heaven
are not only there for you but I am here for comfort, too. I won’t
let go, I’ll hold on tight, and I won’t give up without a fight,
because I comprehend what comprehension ceases, too. So pay
attention to my opinion and feelings, which are true and
I’ll tell you this till I’m blue. Observe and behold, my happiness
is bliss. And I only want you to know this. My observations
of this situation is clear and some times with this comes tears.
So strive to proceed and achieve and one day you will
succeed. Live and Learn or Learn to Live. Feeling this is
being alive. And Living this is how you survive.

Deidra Rose Vincer – Twitch

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