My Perfect One – Donna Lucé

Some people search their whole life for the perfect one
I give thanks that I can say that I’ve done
When the wind blows and the sky cries
I hold you close and witness the truth in your eyes
Your perfect to me in every form and fashion
Whether alive and in water or stiff in a casket
Our love is everlasting
And poets of our generation will sing songs of our passion
That burns within our bones like acid
So when I say do you love me
You know why I’m asking
I just love to hear you say it
Without you I can’t imagine
When those that love misery draw close to being damage
I feel compassion
Cause it’s saddening
It’s obvious that the love we share
They’ve never had it
Call it divine
Call it magic
Call it true by any standard
I call you perfect without a purpose
Never to be abandoned

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