Mark Loughney

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One thought on “Mark Loughney

  1. Dear Mark,
    Hello! My name is Jesse, I am an intern with JAC and recently I got together with JAC volunteer, Louis. We were both very moved by the drawing of the exhibit, and took some time to collectively discuss, engage, and reflect on it. Below you will find pieces of our reflection. Thank you so much for creating and choosing to share with JAC!
    We loved the tension and solemn drama in this piece. There’s a mesmerizing contrast between the stripes and planes and the blue energy field surrounding the figure in the middle. It looks as though he’s resigned to the powerful draw of the vanishing point, its tomb-like claustrophobia, and yet wishes for a moment apart. Is he the artist? We see his creations on the wall, portraits of men he’s memorialized, but the question remains: how long before they’re sucked in by those unforgiving planes?
    We also marveled at the intentionality behind the vertical lines on the surface, and the horizontal lines circling the man very central to the piece. In many ways, it appears as though those horizontal lines are entrapping him in whatever he is trying to escape, while the void continues to move forward.
    As an artist, your technical ability to create perspective and depth is truly incredible. I (Jesse) was recently at the Marking Time exhibition in Cincinnati, where an entire room was dedicated to your portraits. Seeing those portraits in real time, and then getting to engage with this piece was surreal. You have a true and profound ability to create and convey. Keep creating!
    Louis & Jesse

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