Mandibula Toxata – Royal Robinson

Carcinogens, what’s that the people who’ve depended on our services for years. People of this town in particular for God’s sake. Even our pastor who strategically lectured of sacrifice to attend service instead of Sunday’s game, keeps his Vatican well-lit with 100 watt bulbs. Don’t see him sacrificing to candlelight do you. I burned a quarter tank just to drive around the place, whos sacrificing what and at whose rule they should do it. Beyond job descriptions we’ve acted in good faith with the residents of carbondale providing not only utilities but our Fisheries fresh seafood. Now all of a sudden Deacon scientists are God experts and Believers in “un-natural Evolution”. Who’s rule, who made the damn Rule and are they going by… 

Mr. Hazard, take it easy sir. Today’s purpose isn’t slandering the church or the residents. There’s a problem not addressed far too long by ourselves and partnering companies, most of whom are not related to anyone here; that is of those affected. Cancer, pollution, bio mutation are reasons we are attended, not for you Sir. Ms. Istry has been each of our friend, her stance against climate change has changed that, but not with me. I still consider her a friend and refer not by the distant “Ms. Istry, but to her by her first name. Everyone please stand and welcome our friend, “chem”. (no one stood)

Hello, Thank You Mr… thank you Tungsten. As a young girl I begged my parents for a pet. Being an exceptional student and loving child I expected a pony or at least a puppy named pony. I was told, “A fish is less noisy”, so a fish it was. No barking for food or teeth at my heels, just a fish in a dumb bowl is what I thought. I was teased by loud pet having friends, saying, “And the aquatic mute award goes to chem, valedictorian or Troposphere High”. I never could get fish/human communication going. Although it was mute then it speaks loudly today in mutation, saying, my cancer was caused by you. (inaudible voice) (inaudible voices). 

Order, Order… Everyone control yourselves, take your seats please! Why is it that I and not Mr. Speaker “Tungsten” as she called him, am stopping this foolishness. I’m proud to be a hazarding, a company built by my grandfather and founded by him. So again I ask, is it your rule Ms. Istry, your regulation was brought about just because of a bully who knocked your teacher’s apple off her desk. Should we lower our octane because you got teased in your lunch box era. Just maybe if you got a dog like everyone else, possibly he could’ve sniffed-out your cancer which wasn’t caused by us but from years of talking to a damn fish!.. (inaudible voices). Let have respect Mr. Hazarding. As speaker Iii concludes this hearing with a question; “is only to the counted, Accountability owed. Who counts warts of skin and census the toad”?

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