Mama’s Poem – Brittian Koty Osorio

The strongest person I’ve ever known, she did her
best to raise a man,
Tried to teach me right from wrong but I took my
own path.
Beautiful women, fast cars, loud music and lots of cash
Yet right, wrong or indifferent Mama had my back.
Now I’m stuck in a cell, tryna contact all the homies.
Always callin their phones, They act like they don’t know
While mama crys herself to sleep, she wants her son home.
Yet there’s nothing I can do, the stake wont let me go.
Although I’m gone right now, I promise I’ll be home soon.
I’m not gone forever, I’m sure you know that too.
No matter how tough I may seem, Just know I love
and miss you.
Billions of mamas in the world yet I was
lucky enough to have you.

(This poem is a way to show the love and support for my mom in a way thats more than the words I can speak.)

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