Make A Stand – Gary Farlow

You may think

    that poetry is little more than a 

    song without music.

I understand

    but you’re mistaken.


    can break a heart into

    a million pieces and then

    be the glue to mend it.


    can dial the clock back

    to relive a precious memory

    and recapture lost feelings.


    can strip away the falseness,

    diminish fear and bring your

    vision into clarity.


    can help you understand

    what’s real and reach deep

    inside to touch your true self.


    is the one part of our world

    where we can make some sense

    amidst the insanity of the nightly news.


    transcends natural disasters, border wars,

    global warming, crime, and a prozac

    society to a place of tranquility.


    is our armor against a violent world

    and the daily insecurities faced by us


So put away your gun, pick up a pen,

lock and load with words, not bullets.

Take a stand. Let your verses fly

free, loud, proud and true.

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