Life Waves – Jose Santiago

Life waves becomes grows evolves live and dies throughout the life waves.
The 13th Amendment sentencing standards make slaves out of short and long length waves.
Life exceeds beyond being trapped in a mental and physical world of slave waves.
Open minds can help unlock closed minds and activate universal key waves.
Wishing to explore the united power of all visible and invisible trapped and free waves.
I cast this mystical spell of static to disrupt subliminal hypnotic waves.
And foretell different ways to freeing all mental and physical trapped waves.
Imagine millions of people rising to abolish the 13th Amendment like tsunami waves.
Unity can break through modern day slavery like boats cut through open sea waves.
Consider all the slave minds blind locked chained and trained like hair waves.
Overcrowded prisons with people going from prisons to prisons in social magnetic waves.
Fight for universal freedom, come alive walking deads and fire full blast shock waves.
Ears that can hear open your senses and pay close attention to register all waves.
The original words that broadcasted life came out through sound waves.
With hidden messages cut through key phrases like “let there be light” of bright waves.
3 P’s, 3 C’s ÷ by E, denotes plot plan prepare execute cool calm collective underground waves.
Rulers rule rules and create new laws that tax raises higher than air waves.
Self created rules and broken commandments allows laws to burn U.S. like heat waves.
Rulers rule rules that violate human rights ACTS.2. ignite riots of seismic energy waves.
Focus your minds, in tune freequencies to interpret these broadcasted live waves.
Only highly elivated minds can comprehend the broadcast of these brain waves.
Death waves lives evolves grows and becomes throughout the life waves.

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