[LAST STAND] – Derrick Grantley

Hopeless and Stressed,
Lost and Depressed,
21 years of solitude,
Confined to a room
With no where to go,
So I pace back and forth
Trapped in my thoughts,
My mind wonders afar
I have no idea, how long can I hold,
Maintain my composure and not fall in the hole
This has all been in vanity,
I’m Doing everything I can to come to grips with my sanity!


I wrote this poem: “Last Stand”, as a means to express what I am feeling, at this moment in time. I’ve been confined in solitary confinement for 21 consecutive years on practically 24 hour lock down, and at times, it feels like nobody cares about what I and other people in my situation is experiencing. Its hard for one to maintain his sanity and composure being in constant solitude, cut off from human contact. Not receiving mail or anything from people in the free world… So, at times I really feel like giving up and losing my composure, or even committing suicide, but every time i feel this way, I convince myself to just hold on, and that help is on the way, only to be let down…So, I feel like I am making my final and last stand in these crazy days as I try to come to grips with my sanity, and not commit a permanent act such as suicide, without exhausting my remedies…

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