Justice is Blind – Troy Glover

Justice is Blind
or so I’m told
can’t see a thing
through that blindfold.

She cannot see
 color of skin
wealthiest King
or poorest kin.

The Queens English
status by words
the ignorant
by miss used verds.

My place of birth
my mother’s land
whether I am
woman or man.

Adds to her choice
which way sword stears
she may be blind
but she can hear.

Let’s not forget
her weighing scales
where pocket books
always prevail.

The innocent
weighs a feather
silver and gold
weighs much better.

And to her sword
the choice is clear
unbalance scale
prejudice ear.

Justice is fair
I’ve heard men say
because her sword
can cut both ways.

Tooth for a tooth
eye for an eye
live by the sword
and you shall die.

But if you’re rich
you need not fear
unbalanced scales
whispers in ear.

Troy Glover


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