Justice for All – Brian Johnson

I always wanted to be a voice for the people,
the people before me, the people after me, and people amongst me,
I want my words to speak volumes,
but I don’t want to be assassinated on nobody’s balcony.
Shall I speak for millions, but I’m only responsible for self,
and in many words I stress that america need help,
Land of the free, the land that suppose to represent liberty,
but the numbers don’t lie, and america has more people than any
another country that’s locked up in penitentiaries.
Justice for who? Our court systems is sad.
Kids growing up with no clue at all of who could be their dad,
40 and 50 years for a first time offender,
dudes being convicted for guns that’s never found;
Your word against his, and the judge decide to take his,
Now because he said it was me.
I gotta be taken away from my kids.
Police killing fathers, and great role models,
if we’re not here to lead, tell me whom our kids gon follow?
As a people we need to set better examples.
do for one as we will do for all.
I pray america can be great again,
With Justice for All!

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