JOURNEY – F.R. Martinez

Please do come in.
Feel free to relax
here among these ruins
where I currently reside.

You must forgive my lack of social graces.
I have been absent from civilized company
for far too long.
I have been
on a long journey.

I assume you find me despicable
not worthy of respect.
Believe me, the feeling is mutual.
Don’t take that personally.
I hate everyone equally now
with a quiet hatred.
What are we after all but
violent apes?

Do I come off as sociopathic? Misanthropic?
I do apologize.
But I must remind you that YOUR tax dollars fund
nuclear weapons
deadly biological agents.
I must point out that you pollute air, water and land
for profit.
You overpopulate the planet
drown it in trash
kill and die for religious reasons.
I must point these things out.
I feel obligated
for the sake of
So, in some final apocalyptic analysis who (if anyone) is the true sociopath?
Who is to blame for our present state of affairs?
For a long time I have played at being your straw man
I accepted the role willingly.
That’s over now.

Would you like something to drink?
A snack perhaps.
I can’t guarantee it won’t be poisoned.
In fact, I can’t guarantee much of anything these days.

I’ve been away, as I said
on a long and pointless
and now, apparently
I can’t seem to find my way back.

I have searched within
all these long years
and I’ll share what I’ve learned.
Of course I understand you may not be willing to
What we are__yes__
I have learned that ALL we are
ALL of us eager-eyed apes,
what we are
is smoke,
thick when the fire rages,
thin and eventually vapor
as we rise amidst cinders, ash
and disappear.

I have perhaps offended or frightened you
confused you
insulted your religious sensibility, your sense of permanency
or political correctness.
I do apologize
As I said
I’ve been ‘away’
far away.

(This journey also, incidentally,
funded by YOUR tax dollars)

Leaving so soon?
I have upset you.
I really do apologize.
You see, I have learned my lesson now
I really have.

My ‘journey’ has taught me not to be human.

Do come back
after you’ve sorted all this out.

I’ll still be here.


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