Joker’s Wheel-o-Life – Charlie Castillo


First off I intended this bio to be sent to Prisoners who are unsure as what to draw. I was telling Prisoners about JAC and how they are a wonderful organization. Inmates are ignored by so many non-profits who seem to only pay lip service. I wanted to endorse the arts program and the volunteers. So a guy saw me submit three submissions on the back of the only paper I could attain while I was in isolation. With a flex pen I drew a half cop/prisoner, an alien and a collage of my favorite movies. I received a response that JAC showcased my art and read the letter to the inmates in isolation as I layed on my cell’s floor and yelled verbatim the missive. Everyone seemed interested until they found out I received no topic. They were nonplussed. They asked how did I come up with concepts. I explained that I think of a strong message and then try to put it in Art form. I walked a guy through my process and he said life was like a treadmill. We decided a hamster on a wheel of fortune was good. I loved the idea. His idea! I pushed him to draw it. He said it was a dumb idea, that I could have it. Because it involved a rodent I couldn’t name, with his real name, the wheel after him. Still we all have our Wheel (will).

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