To my Penpal, RIP

Dear Penpal, 4-16-18

I just got your letter dated March 26. It was nice to get some snail mail from you and I loved the lyrics you included. I am including a poem I just submitted to a package contest. I wrote it in a poetry group I recently got into =D

I am glad you liked my new book. I am working on another one that will be a bit longer, 5 parts, one narrator. It is still a thriller but less horror and more action.

You talked about March for Our Lives and it sounded intense. I know there is a lot going on out there but my TV broke and I am waiting on a new one.

Actually on that note, I do have a dilemma. I have made a new friend. He is female-to-male trans, hasn’t had the surgery to become male yet, and we write all the time. He and I talk on the phone everyday, sometimes a couple times a day and email all the time throughout the day. We caught feelings for each other. He is taking care of me financially in areas my dad isn’t and he is a great guy and LGBT like me. (typewriter died) Well in any case this complicates things with my fiance, Michelae, and I as you can tell. I am at a loss for what to do long term and am just taking it one day at a time.

But back to your letter. You don’t need to be concerned about me. I got out of the PIP situation and am doing better.

I told my dad I’m leaving college to do religious studies but I may stop by tomorrow without telling him. I just want him off of my back about how is my portfolio coming along?

Well that wraps up your letter. So I will send this off now. Don’t worry about me – I’m doing a lot better.



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