In This Together – Brittian Koty Osorio

No matter what you think, you’re not in this alone
We’re all in this together whether in jail or at home.
These trying times we endure will help us love
each other more.
And we’ll enjoy all the little things we took for
granted once before.
Although we are many, in a sense we are one,
So to those one the frontlines you’re a physical
description of love.
All the Doctors, Nurses, Moms and Dads,
Brothers, Sisters, people that make us laugh.
We’ll get through it together, the good and the bad
And find a solution in the end and fix all the
So no matter what it takes, we will endure this
Keep your head up, stay strong and we will
get through this together.

(This is to all the families that are going through these tough times. I know we are all scared, worried, and confused but we will get through all of this.)

One thought on “In This Together – Brittian Koty Osorio

  1. This is such a lovely sentiment in these dark times. I am always uplifted when the voice of an incarcerated person is a message of hope stronger than my own, who walk around with so many choices. Thank you Brittian!

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