In Essence – Kenny Jacobs

In essence I’ll never quit or break my stride,
Until the flood gates open and resistance is futility denied
The powers that be will swallow their pride and
brace for impact,
watching as the tide begin to rise and walls of
opposition collapse,
it’s a new day in fact Jewels synonymous with
diamonds are considered precious,
Unprecedented pearls in a form of a message,
In essence without question I will forever strive,
Until dreams of the past are realized in The present,
until prophecies at last are relevant,
enlighten words strengthened by nerve and good sense,
Once it begins to emerge there is not an urge able to circumvent,
Not an obstacle capable of harm,
clouds are gray and the sky is disarmed,
all you can do is pray as The storm becomes Aggressive,
over flowing with fierce Rain of various Projection,
in essence overcoming pain is it’s soul objective,
in essence with sheer perfection,
“in essence.”

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