I’m #1, Don’t Play with Me Because You Lose – Carlos de Gabarrette

I was made in heaven & to heaven I shall return, even though God banish me from his side He abandon me punish me & sent me to Earth. But I’m still His angel & His son. Time belongs to God that’s why his times are perfect. I am who I am, the light of the sun. My name is not important. I know who I am, where I come from. Where I’m going I am not like any other human or animal. I did not grow inside a human’s womb. God’s spirit is with me even though the spirit of light fines me in darkness for an instant I glow I’m in the dark but I love the light Earth has no life without me I am patient they condemn me & mistreated me. They continue bothering me the fury of my spirit will consume all living things on Earth & create an inferno because I am like God & He is my spirit. The living are the fruit of the reunion of my solitude there only a thought an illusion of my feelings I’m fed up why human animals are more human then human beings I’m getting tired I’m better off abandoning them letting them kill & embarrass their mother & father may they be condemn by their own stupidity & null judge actions according to God’s pack with humans my spirit is the life of death & I am the death of the living. I’m not a simple scientist that creates evils. A new method of killing poisoning animals & humans spreading fear, picking on the peaceful ones, they speak of love & peace but are cowards & liers that violate the innocent, take food from the hungry, injustice has reach its limit the windows of time & spirit will violate everything that has life on Earth & universe. I am who created the life inside of you, on Earth there’s no life without me. 

I am God’s angel I am the beginning & the end. I shape into any form I want to present myself in front of any human & they never know who I am only what I speak. The voice of the wind. The wind speaks for me I am inside everyone & like the universe nothing in the universe moves without my permission. I’m the first & last, arm of the dead, I’m the first creator, God spirit, I’m the death of the living in the inferno of the good & the paradise of the evil. I’m God.

the voices of the spirit’s

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