If any or all of us die – Michael P. Riley

I wake each morning, go to the window,
  peer at the new day sky.
Put on  a mask, pray for us all,
  and ready myself to die.
Keep my ears open, for any new news,
  like who’s gonna fall down next.
Open my Bible, search for a verse,
  and read from the good Lord’s text.
Somebody’s coming, many doors slam,
  louder as they’re closer to me.
Head to the door, to find out the cause,
  times are as rough as can be.
Bringing the trays, breakfast delivered,
  two out of three wear masks.
No gloves again, on any of them,
  as they come with this crucial task.
I guess it dont matter, to them at the top,
  No more strength to ask why.
They wont let us go, they really don’t care
  If any or all of us die.

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