I Will Not Let Go – Troy Glover

You may be lost
       you may be broken
You may be destitute
        you may be disenfranchised
                                                           I will not let go.
No job
         no home
                     no car
                                                          I will not let go.
Not here in mind
      not attentive
Not engaging
       not endearing
                                                         I will not let go.

You have nothing to bring to the table
There is no reason to find you worthy of my love
                                                         I will not let go.

A King without a crown
A lion with a broken Will
A Man with a destroyed pride
A lover without a clue
                                                        I will not let go.
They will say you are worthless
They say you cannot be fixed
                                                        I will not let go.
I see the scars from cuffs
I see the path you roam
I know your worth to me
I have witnesses the shame you have born
Our work for love is stable
This world is not our Home
This materialistic trinket
Is far benath your throne
                                                         I will not let go.
My King
My Lion
My Man
My Lover
My Companion

            Do Know
I will hold your hand for eternity
                                                       I will not let go.


                                                                                   Let me go

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