I Was An Angel Of God – Carlos de Gabarrette

I wanted to be the most beautiful angel before God. I was the perfect & preferred son of God: what God ordered of me is what I did! But God banish me! From his side today, I’m an angel distraught & punish forever and ever! Always some have called me the Devil or Lucifer I am condemn by God & as well by human kind!!
Don’t they know who they belong to why don’t they know who gives them life. Don’t they know the spirit has no malaise! Even when they call me! Devil Lucifer I know who lights the fire of the sun. I myself know how to walk on air sail the sea & travel the earth like a solar shadow. I am the fire of volcanoes & who purifies the water even if I’m dispelled from heaven the earth is only mine.
I continue being the son of God.
I was and I still the son of God. I’m the voice of spirit.

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