I Am From Poem – Carla Joan Simmons

I am from laundry detergent
From Tide with bleach and Liquid Downey
I am from the single wide trailor
Remodeled, expanded, the old half musty with mold.
I am from oak leaves
Fallen: brown and crunchy on the hard clay
I’m from happy Fridays and super high
From Ken and Brenda
I’m from the know-it-all and cut-you-off
From never light the pipe at a stop light and Stevie Ray Vaughan
Was the very best guitarist to ever live.
I’m from how can God be good with all this suffering.
I’m from Grady in the eighties, Irish Creek
Crab quiche, Pumpkin Pie
From the summer I learned to water ski. Right before the
Boat took off my step brother yelled back to me, “No matter what –
Don’t let go of the rope!”.

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