I Am From – Charlie Castillo

I am from a single black mom with her being from an
upbringing that’s wrought with damage, hard to understand it
from a Puerto Rican dad I don’t know, so nope I can’t
hold a convo in Spanish, Outlandish because…
I am from another world, my home is called Rizq.
It’s a planet. I’m from the projects where hotpockets is
considered dinner or maybe just an egg sandwich
I am from grade school where it was cool to watch
tiny toons and animaniacs at my place
I am from getting Catfished on Netscape to pushing mixtapes
on myspace to Facetime with a tinder chick with my face
I am from Kings County, Brooklyn New York or was it New Castle,
Or am I from Augusta, Georgie where as a comedian I received
I am from today, right now, a shameful, forgotten federal jail
I am from the 80’s, baby with Fanny packs, glo-worms
and hair gel
I am from, I am from the future
I am a martian named marvin with a ray gun
don’t make me shoot ya
Where I’m from, where I’m from doesn’t really matter to
Yet it’s good to know when it’s all said and done

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