I am From – Brian Hindson

I am from a cup of coffee,
      from Folgers and now Keefe.
I am from the small and simple apartment,
      and the cluttered, hectic, musty bedroom basement.
I am from the raspberries growing in our backyard,
      until our dog shannon destroyed them, silly shepard.
I am from me never saying “I Love You,”
      yet always trying to show that I do.
From susan and yes, even Larry
      being tough and saying it bluntly.
From “don’t act like a banshee,”
      to “you can always count on me”
From going to the steeple,
      but take care of your own people
From ten percent sub-saharan Africa
      and Hammond Indiana,
      kinda like peanut butter and a banana
From the divorced then widowed mother of four,
      and yet I’m so much more
From my great grandparents ridding the extra
      kittens from the farm
      to my mom becoming a nurse and causing
      no harm
The tupperware containers of my previous life
      are now with mom in Colorado.
    But after this virus, you realize
        what’s important,
            ya know?

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