Human Hats – B.E. The Truth

Where did government officials’ human hats go? Why cannot leaders re-establish compassionate Hearts Anna Faris like once before? Funding that operated the “World Health Organization” has currently been erased. How can Republicans stomach to watch thousands of needy children’s starved face? How can they embrace solace, when impoverished countries are expelled from the human race?

Politicians see these irregularities; so what do these problems prolong? Nearly over 2 million American citizens without a home. Why do they yet allow women, children and elderly sustained in the streets? To battle frigid cold, no proper Water Systems, no heat nor hot meals to eat.

In this Millennium 2020, how much has the human flare Advanced? Billions are unloved, and fear, uncertain, drug-induced and loom within a trance.

Where’s remedy for global warming? Where is remedy for equal rights, strong unity and righteous dignification? When trillions of dollars are spent for space exploration and immigrant incarceration

God’s word pronounces, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Because we are designed with a benevolent heart, we strive ever forward to execute kind and loving acts. There still are many, who wear human hats.

August 4th 2020
In dedication and loving memory of Denise Harrison

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