Her Chivalrous Smile – B.E. The Truth

Deliciously stunning! Her chants south me like a child amused at the park; tenderness sets your beautiful soul apart. The virtuous compassionate care she provides gleems light! Her goodwill sparks my heart to new heights. A fantasy complete! I vow to uphold her needs and recite midnight poetry at her feet.

Amorous woman become my destiny, my pearl? And share God’s love, toward a viable world. These ambrosial feelings I have too offer to radiate with you. Take my hand and begin life anew. Within my arms just believe; nothing’s impossible to do.

Together let us build an empire. With God’s love, appeasing music, and delicious cuisine to pull people from the mire. Inside her fragrant bouquet.. Her passionate ambience, I shall stand true. My spirit, my soul will always gravitate solely around you.

She’s so desirable and candy sweet, causing my identity to flow deep like a still river. She inspires me, gives me purpose, and posses a sweetheart figure. Share this flair, for she is a flower I truly care. Glamour and material possessions to me are not worthwhile, for my attraction and vibrant connection is found with her chivalrous smile.

Sept. 30, 2016

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