Her – Brittian Koty Osorio

She was an ordinary woman when we met the 1st time.
After 3 years I just knew I had to make her mine.
She had pretty eyes and an unforgettable smile
Plus a heart of gold and an intellectual mind.
Jealousy and foolishness drove me to let her go,
But if she could see into my heart then she would know,
All the pain I hold inside and I never show.
This longing in my heart is for her and her alone.
I accepted what she wasn’t and loved her for all is.
Yet she never did believe she was worthy of love.
I know she’s something special like a blessing from
Because I tried to forget her many times, I still
feel she’s the one.
So if your out and you see her, do something for
Tell her she’s beautiful and shes a lovely
sight to see.
Make sure she holds her head high, after all she’s
a queen.
Finally and most important, tell her I still love
her and I’m sorry.

(This is a poem I wrote for the woman I loved and still love, Ms. C. Wells.)

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