Harry Ellis

To view more of his art, please visit Harry Ellis on Instagram @harry.ellis.creations.llc. For commission and/or artwork purchase requests, please feel free to send a direct message via instagram or an email to harry.ellis.creations.29@gmail.com

Harry “HEC” Ellis was born and raised in the Nation’s Capital.  Once entangled in the allure of the mean streets of DC, he conformed to a lifestyle that led to a lengthy prison sentence.  Harry has spent part of his teens, most of his twenties, all of his thirties, and half of his forties, and if some miracle legislation isn’t passed, he may be incarcerated into his mid fifties.  Since his incarceration, he chose to utilize artistic expression as a means of release.  With no formal training he wondered why he was so intrigued and fascinated by art.  And, after conducting a genealogical account of his family history, he discovered that he has traces of artistic ability in his lineage.  Although he was aware that his grandmother was an artist, he was amazed to find out that her mother was as well.

Harry’s core objective, with each subsequent rendition, is to ignite some form of an emotional response.  His unorthodox style, is aimed to leave the viewer in a position to formulate an independent opinion whether for a deeper understanding, inspiration, or conveying the stark reality of our past and present in hopes to achieve a better future.

His ultimate goal is to enrich the lives of the less fortunate by showing that anything is possible with a positive attitude, integrity, hard work, consistency, faith, and love.


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