Harold Johnson

Boxman – Harold Johnson

7 ft. wide, 13 ft long, 8 ½ ft. high is a box with a Bunk bed, combined toilet and sink, a small table with two metal stools that swing out from under the table, a 5 in. x 20 in. window on my steel door, a 10 ½ in. x 3 ½ ft window …

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Hello! My name is Harold Johnson. I’ve been an Artist many years. I’ve always wanted to have followed in my Fathers footsteps in his love to draw or paint. He along with other artists have inspired and encouraged me to do my Artwork. My Dad who went by “Whitewolf,” did Native American art and themes. As a “Comanche” Artist, I also like to draw or paint Native themes, but I also enjoy using animals, people, designs or landscapes in my art pieces. I love to draw in different or mixed medias, ink, watercolor, colored pencil, pastels, and graphite. I also use acrylic paints on my paintings. I have won a few art ribbons and certifications in different shoes. I’ve won a Best of Show, The John Harrington Award, and a few first, second, and third places and Honorable mentions for the pieces that I entered in Art Shows.  

I hope you enjoy the Artwork that God has Blessed me with. God Bless You! – HJ


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