Guiding Light – Aaron Kinzer

Awaken from your dreams deferred
and hearken to your hopes preferred.
Despite your curtains close
live up to your ideas chose.
For the people ponder daily,
bashful but bravely
trudging along a path paved
by wounded warriors ensconced in tombs engraved
and souls previously saved.

Reach, America!, out of the puddles of mud but remain lathered in the soil,
unspoiled by the spoils
of our war weary days,
not living in a dreary haze
but alive and lively as we merely amaze. 

Crawl, America!,
on scarred knees
from rough centuries
then cherish your worthy freedom’s fought for;
blaze your trails,
wag your tails,
fill your pails
then spill over with joy.
Create the criticisms you combat,
look back
but never go, gleam and glow.
Yes, the world knows
that in your wake waves have washed away what shows
others your truth
but they can never wash away you.

Walk, America!
Rise up from bends and knees,
shove and lay each foot through the trees,
wind your way into the maze of modern times
keeping your oath amongst the oaks and pines.
You are popular with the paupers. You shine.
Royal roots and rings in your wood
gives an account of your ageless good.
Many have risen from the ranks of your slums and hoods
only to emerge bright as the fifty on your flag.

Run, America!
Headlong into the wind
refusing to rescind
that eternal pledge to strive; to be alive.
Wrong or right you have made possible the right to pursue
and for opportunities to arrive anew.
New days and new ways are what lay at fortunes footstool.
We criss-cross this land with peace in hand,
muslim and christian, both woman and man.
New arrivals seeking to fulfill a better plan.

Dive, America!,
into the pool of possibilities.
Pushed and plagued by our past
we outlast
the assault on our abilities.
For we are an idea, a vision at the dawn of a new day.
Picked cotton absorbs the dew and wipes away
what distorts our sight.
We might falter, rock to and fro.
Eventhough we aim for perfection we are not yet so.

Shoot, America!,
for moon and stars,
wade your way through raging waters in wagons and cars,
Chisel your way past barbed-wires and bars
because off in the distance oh so far
lies your freedom.

We are connected without cables over canyon space.
Looking upon a pixeled face
I see what democracy ought to be.
Boundless and bold and found in the fold there appears peace
in the crease of our fabled fleece,
the fabric of our lives.
Knotted in the twist and turns of our un-tied ties
the embodiment of this American idea survives.
We can peek over our mountains peak when we open our eyes.

Oh America!
We are still yet young,
becoming affectionate with our adversity as it comes,
inhaling the scent of our commonality into our lungs.
Come alive at once.
Our beating heart pumps
charitys blood through our veins.
Take hold of your reins,
gallop off into the distance,
embrace each instance,
force your encounters with future and fate,
ripple against the shores of your rivers and lakes,
hope along your roads as toads or rabbits in fields
extending your hand to feel
the other persons pain.
For you shall only gain when you honor your slain
and accept your shame.
Then you will fly high as planes over plain states
and hit both crookeds and straights.

A solid foundation on a blemished face
but pure as powder on the slopes of dreams and hopes,
swinging and pressed against the ropes
let not the canvas touch thy face,
succumb not to the blows from foes
both foreign and domestic.
You can rely on us imperfect patriots. You are protected.

Rest assured that your future is bright
and that we all will find our way home
as we follow your guiding light.


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