GOOD RIDDANCE – Derrick Grantley

After 4 long years of hate and divisiveness,
Over 80 million people came out to vote,
and to say good bye to you!
Donald Trump,”You gots to go!”
“Pack your stuff, and hit the door!”
You can kick, scream, cry and complain,
But no matter what, those vote counts, are not going to change
Black people in Philly Detroit and even Atlanta,
Spoke with their ballots, Letting you know Trump: That BLACK LIVES DOES MATTER!!!


I wrote GOOD RIDDANCE, as a repudiation to President Donald Trump. I felt like for four years, all he’s done is spread hate and dishonor amongst the people. Hes wrongfully branded “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, as a hate and terrorist group.He’s denied the racist history of this country, and has given more respect and love for Confederate statues, then he has for Black people lives. So, on November 3,2020, black folk in Detroit,Philly, and Atlanta, showed Trump, via ballot box, that Black Lives does matter….


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