Get High – B.E. The Truth

Legalization??? Experimentation?
Unnatural created cannabis
Leads to human devastation. Preying
on humanity to masquerade
under vile intoxication
and chase deceptive fascinations.

Their crimson eyes lurk
examining fallacy solutions.
under clouding vision
arise devious illusions.

Images of false perceptions
dive head first.
The grim reaper smiles when
mortals inhale synthetic dirt.

Envisioning mirages laughter.
Engulfs flair.
Fire it up, put
smoke in the air, haay.

Cloaked! Paranoia seeks detached
despair. Calmly brain optics are
impaired, who cares? Memory
becomes obscured, inebriated decisions
stray blurred. Existing under hypnotic fog.
Intrusive behavior appears
upon someone’s blog and
wonders why?
Oh, well, get high.

In this immobile vegetated state,
morally stagnant,
intellect erased, cannot relate.
Cognitive thoughts veer
from place to place. “The mind’s
a terrible thing to waste.”

Your irregular subconscious
lunges into obscurity.
Distorted thinking snatches
discretion and agility.

Unresponsive – unproductive
conduct and behavior wanders,
no one hears your cries.
So what! Just get high.

Buddha Kush, Indoty,
Panama Red. Ahhhh! sticky bud
euphoria mellows the yearn
and inflames the head.

This is what America condones.
Legal marijuana has no wrongs.
Pulls the wool over blind eyes.
Toxic vapors usher the Nation
into harmful demise.
Men, women, and children
are being coerced
to get high.

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