George Floyd – Derrick Grantley

After 400 years of oppression and
Black men are still treated like a
flock of sheep and some cattle;
They hunt us and stalk us,
Detain us, then Blame us;
They look for any reason to put their
Knee on our necks, and stop us from
“I can’t breathe”, were the screams
that came from George Floyd,
Without a care in the world, the cop
Continued to ignore;
Eight minutes later, he no longer
Feels pain;
His vision turns white and bright,
He can now hear the angels in the
distance, voice clear, as they sing;
“No Justice, No peace”,
We will continue to loot,
hands held above our heads,
There’s no reason to shoot;
Until the day comes, that they
respect us as men,
Black men blood will always be
on the hands of the White man.

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