George Floyd – Derrick Grantley

After 400 years of oppression and
Black men are still treated like a
flock of sheep and some cattle;
They hunt us and stalk us,
Detain us, then Blame us;
They look for any reason to put their
Knee on our necks, and stop us from
“I can’t breathe”, were the screams
that came from George Floyd,
Without a care in the world, the cop
Continued to ignore;
Eight minutes later, he no longer
Feels pain;
His vision turns white and bright,
He can now hear the angels in the
distance, voice clear, as they sing;
“No Justice, No peace”,
We will continue to loot,
hands held above our heads,
There’s no reason to shoot;
Until the day comes, that they
respect us as men,
Black men blood will always be
on the hands of the White man.

I wrote this poem George Floyd, in dedication to the life and memery of George Floyd…I’ve been in situations during my incarceration, in which I’ve had officers kneeling down on neck, while i was handcuffed behind my back, until the point that I’ve lost consciousness… Everything turned white. My vision, everything…It felt like I was going to die…I couldn’t breath or anything…So, I wrote this poem from the vintage point of George Floyd, because I was in that situation a couple of times in my life and i felt like I knew exactly what he felt up until the moment he stopped breathing…

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