Geo 617

I have always appreciated art, especially painting, but never attempted to create anything myself.  A few years ago I started to become blind, and (perhaps bizarrely) as a challenge and as a way of dealing with the nightmare of my fading vision, I started to paint.  At the heart of the darkness enveloping me I had more and more difficulty recognizing people or even what I was eating.  Fortunately, I was encouraged by friends and inspired by the visual and emotional memory of two of my favorite films; “Good Will Hunting” and “Room With a View.”  They resonated with my own life experiences, each in their own ways.

After being legally blind for some time I underwent surgery and regained most of my vision; a really life-changing event.  I want to share with you some examples of my work.  Do bare in mind I have never had an art lesson and am entirely self-taught.  My art has truly saved me and my goal is to continue learning, growing, and evolving,  I would someday like to work with the visually impaired.


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