From Outside Looking End – B.E. The Truth

Deficits encourage un-human kindness
Deception haunts and stalks our faith
Demigods alter the future, poison the present
From a demanding past. Today everything’s
Done so fast, as women follow pagan slavery to
Reveal their ass

Decode my cry! Basic necessities so outlandishly
Expensive, youngsters fall prey to gangs for no
One seeks a difference
Deficits increase each year, tax this tax that
Proliferates common fear
Decentralization promotes the ruling class. If they
Continue their course nothing shall be fit to last

From Outside Looking End

Declare cultural relationships. Share spirituality,
Love, form unity with friends and family. Embellish
Truth, build a collective ambience. Remain vigilant
Deliver us Jesus! Your faith confirms better days
Are truly ahead

Desire this inspired message, allow love to begin
And do not get entangled from outside looking end
Locked in life’s configurations

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