FREE – B.E. The Truth

This Evening: Stars gleaming all so bright; Like fireworks
Display fascination upon an 4th of July night. The crisp
Cool air archs blades of grass to veer too the right.

Ian reclined: Relaxed like a field of cotton, Engaged
With melodies of jazz. My conscious is alert, focused,
Expecting the Wee hours of morning to sail pass.

Suddenly! A surge of vigor arose from my Inner Core;
Leading me too embark upon a rare journey to explore.
This fascination of human flare is inspiring formation
Which activated my congenial role. Such remarkable
Value within a human soul.

Can You Hear it? I’m Listening.
Can You Feel it? I’m Anticipating.
Can You Touch it? I’m Reaching.

No! You identify it. And I have seized it! Eager too
Commune towards purpose of connection. Saluation’s Alive
In the Guise of bonding affection. Mingled with humbleness
Humility surges from strength and perception.

Today, I am a flourished youngman functioning to admonish
My love and best abilities. Confined inside State Prison, But
Still yet Free.

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