Finding the Fall – Chris Johnson

Impressive is the rainforest; rich, colorful, and bright;
As I walk through it, I feel I might just take flight.
All of the sights and sounds; full of majesty, charm, and grace;
I’m lost and wandering, but with an eager and meaningful pace.
Trees so great, intimidating in their power;
Surrounding me on all sides, like a city full of towers.
I’m blinded by the rays of the sun through their canopy;
Look up as I see it is only the shadow of the vulture’s wings
Empty and menacing they keep circling above;
Taunting me, tormenting me, like a fearful caged dove.
Scared! I flee the waterfall in my view;
My place of tranquility, my peace may be renewed.
I make it to the fall, my heart breaking so fast

More and more vultures smelling my baked skin
Circling around in the sky wanting to dive in.
Hopeless I shuffle dying of thirst;
Will I find a waterfall, or will I have to die out here first?
I begin to collapse as I have no reason to fight.
But as I fall, something over the hill graces my sight.
An oasis it looks like, shimmering on the sea,
My heart pangs, is this a mirage or could this really be?
I pick myself up and find fire inside
Fuel so strong, death couldn’t even stop my stride.
An oasis it is: majestic, beautiful, and true;
As I saunter, something extraordinary comes into my view.
There is no denying, this is as real as it can be,
The most breathtaking waterfall is right in front of me.
As I get close, I begin to repose,
The radiance melting my pain, melting my sorrow.
Roaring waters, its voice melts away
All the anxiety and suffering I’ve experienced today.
As I get closer, the mist caresses my face,
And now all of my problems certainly have no place.
Invigorating the waters bring refreshment to my heart,
Loosing my worries that I’ve had from the start.
Intoxicating the waters bring satisfaction to my soul,
Giving me joy and contentment I left back of the roll.
Exquisit in its beauty, elegant in the grace,
I never thought the desert could bring me to such a magnificent place.
I finally found my waterfall and I thank the Lord above,
He led me to the place of my dreams, to the waterfall I just may learn to love.

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