(Finally) (King David Speaks) – Mr. David N. Hazlitt aka Crazy Color

“Finally,” The King Speaks.
Watching the pen’s ink.
Penetrate thoughts leaked.
Into the paper, dream.
His kingdom awakes.
His reign was no mistake.
The Elite shall compensate
The wisdom from the great.
Knowledge that can’t be bought.
No money or form of precious rocks
The King that couldn’t be stopped.
By words or weapons or by plots.
He makes love to the pen and pad.
Broken hearted, he remains sad.
Made strong from the past.
A heart of soul, built to last.
Confined behind walls.
He remains the King.
Foundation stated on all.
Read-Isaiah 55:03.
All talents are mastered.
Still the King sits alone.
Called the Leader and master.
As he sits upon his throne.
Will the kingdoms listen further.
Priceless knowledge all can’t see.
Codes, tales, papers and others.
“Finally,” King David Speaks…

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