FACE OFF – Rick Luellen

I’d been planning
the sunshine thing on fire
fight, and it made an impression
to a bad start around her

She was doing the right thing
think about how
she’ll start doing the . . .
. . . again
and you think I hope it will
in the end

I wasn’t talking
she said before you made
the anger in you
I gritted my teeth
slagged it in a moment
inflicted thousands
all of which I’m sure
consulted both

People got hurt
but that’s not the point
it’s my business
to happen to people
power I have

Don’t be petty
I’ve made you Man
what kind of damage is true
okay to destroy
even though it might hurt

I felt another surge of rage
   . . . and . . .
       holy crap
       my left hand
       oh hell
       all day long

                                Friends do that


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