Existing Question – Derrick Grantley

As I express my deepest pain,
thru these quatrains and these stanzas,
trust that I am genuine,
for my anger out weighs my guilt

Guilt of association
Guilt of affiliation
Guilt of humiliation
Guilt of degradation

Open your eyes and heart
Some times the truth may set you free
Ignorance is contagious
All my life,
lies have buried me

Buried me behind bars
Buried me in prison yards
Buried me in confinement
Buried me in a hateful climate

Yes, my heart breaks with disgust
Feelings of being betrayed,
Letdown Abandoned overlooked
and used,
clouds my better judgment

Theatricality and deception are powerful agents
How can I survive in a world,
where practicality has no basis???

Written: March 10, 2022

I just wanted to know how is it possible to be rational in an irrational world? All my life I’ve been lied on out of prison, and in prison. No matter how good you treat people, the same is almost never returned to you… So, how can I carry on without apprehension, when evil has polluted the world we’re all living in???

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