Ebi ni mo fi okan – Here you lay down your heart – Troy Glover

What beauty is found in Prison
What music from bars do listen

Suffering is the sound
From the madness around

To quench Hope is T.D.C’s mission.

There’s a secret people don’t know
a sliver of light they won’t show

a seedling on the rise
fed by the tears and the cries

by the blood of our shame it grows.

This must stop all the guards do shout
take their smiles and change them to pouts

deprive, beat, or gas’em
with a case, club or lash’em

by our boots we must stump it out.

Desperately they keep us apart
but the songs of our souls passed start

though we’re chained to the ground
to the skies we are bound

though Here You Must Lay Down Your Heart.

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