Dream’s! Dream – B.E. The Truth

I arise eyes opened, recalling travels from distant dimensions of time and space. My body quivers and quakes from tempered teleportation through a time portal scouring place after place.

I regain bearings and probe around. I behold solid fixtures serving their purpose. Reminded that idols cannot contemplate my behalf, do not see, cannot speak, or do not see.

How puzzling? For these same characteristics are ingrained into mankind. In movies, zombies slowly hunt down men to destroy. In reality, how must man restore the lost? Where are the Robin Hoods? What became of the knights of the sound table? (the music)

Searching for answers, I saw the looking glass and the future continues to behest the past. Society bent toward wrong doing is right. I stay down! Sun rays feature days, starry evenings entertain nights.

But where-how-when & why this cynical twist? Foundations arise with phantasm to implore dutiful uplift. Should you oppose you’re tagged a traitor, refusing to extol Lord Vader. (He’s coming)

All the masks I see, only few rebels converse sense & sensibility, toward viable thresholds. Badges to protect and serve veer more criminal but officials don’t interpose. The results, mothers and fathers innocent children lay cold.

Prisons populated with the youth, handicap and the poor. I’ve personally served 26 years, is it because I’m a price tag that they won’t open the door?

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