Donna Lucé

Be At Peace – Donna Lucé

Your soul feeds at the table of sincerity Drinks at the well of serenity Dwells at the place of soothing Rests at the feet of love, Be at peace for all is well

Dedicated Place – Donna Lucé

The place you dwell deep in my mind Right next to my soul outside of time Blessing me with the blessing that everybody names Waiting for my thoughts to turn from whence they came And once again there they will be But it moves me so much–a delicate memory Is that the right term when …

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Going – Donna Lucé

The walk of wisdom The stride of strength The spirit of partence The feat of peace The path of life Directed east

Lit – Donna Lucé

My Perfect One – Donna Lucé

Some people search their whole life for the perfect one I give thanks that I can say that I’ve done When the wind blows and the sky cries I hold you close and witness the truth in your eyes Your perfect to me in every form and fashion Whether alive and in water or stiff …

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Question at the Crossroads – Donna Lucé

The Men of Men – Donna Lucé

In the Case of the Dreamer Who sees as he sleeps Contemplates as he observes And has the audacity and nerve In the Case of the Warrior Who takes the struggle of life instride Wears his armor with pride And seeks to be the protector of his kind In the Case of the Prophet Who …

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To Know Love – Donna Lucé

Even as the days pass As I go about my day The love I have for you is unchanging No matter what is said or done No matter how much we grow I want you to know My love is Eternal Let love be For love is And through me Love will

Toss and Turn – Donna Lucé

There I go again lost in my thoughts The clock tocks and still hours later my mind won’t stop Memories, fantasies Would and Could be’s Even when I lay to sleep thoughts of you still creep I cherish each one Maybe it’s an addiction Or Maybe you’ve done the unthinkable and dominated my attention

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