Does Anybody Care? – Derrick Grantley

Does anybody care?
or am I own my own to deal with my
They say we are the scums of the
And should have been killed at the
time of Birth;
Who cares that we are being subjected
to torture,
Deprived of sleep, stomped, beat and
starved of food to eat;
They scream “Stop Resisting!, as they
are the ones who continue to kick, hit,
and blitz you,
Their steel toe boots come down,
pounding my ribs,
and breaking my tooth;
There’s nothing i can do, but lie still;
There’s nothing i can do, but pray that
I am not killed;
Nurses are there, Psych specialist
Truth is man, Don’t no one cares!

I wrote does anybody cares?, in search of answers to the question…For years thru out my incarceration, I’ve been abused physically and mentally. People that works within the Department are aware of all that that takes place, but still no one cares. Not the officers Not the nurses Not the Psychological specialist Nobody… So, I posed the question to society Does anybody cares???

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