DO “YOU” HEAR ME? – Derrick Grantley

Just another innocent Black man,
Trapped in a state pen,
With nothing but hate in him
I ain’t the first and damn sho’nuff won’t be the last
Black man has been victim to the system since the beginning,
Just check the past
False claims and accusations made by white women,
Same thing that got Emmett Till,
Kidnapped, slaughtered, and lynched in Mississippi
If God is real, then ask him does he hear me?
As I express my pain and seek guidance and spiritual healing
For 22 years, I’ve been stuck inside of a prison,
Repressed and stressed,
Searching for some help
I’m trying to be strong and maintain my composure,
However, my cries and screams for Justice,
are going on with no exposure!!!


I wrote this poem: “DO YOU HEAR ME?”,in regards to my case and situation in which I was lied on at the age of 15. I am now 38 years old, and I am still fighting in court trying to get my wrongful conviction overturned. But at this time, its like no one in the court house sees the injustice that took place… When I try to tell them, everything that happened and how i am entitled to have my case reversed based upon clear violations that took place in my case when I was 17 years old, its like no one hears me…So, I wrote “Do You Hear
Me?”,as a way to vent and express my frustration with the system…

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