Distant, but Mine – Jordan Earls

a bright, fall day
marshmallow clouds float overhead
sitting beneath the white post
the one at the end of the front yard
my siblings and i
with a great orange pumpkin
 picture time.

sharing the bed
with my best friend big brother
a bottle of chocolate milk
while josh talks himself to sleep
all is quiet, he must have dozed off
a good time to chuck my bottle across our room
 he’s awake again.

ma bea and her oldsmobile
white with red leather interior
red velvet cake
redlining it through the driveway
with her grandbabies in the backseat
mama hated this
 we loved this.

sunday nights with ravioli
and lois and clark on the t.v.
pushing out my small belly
so my dad would think i’m full
climbing onto mama’s lap and stealing sips
of her caffeine-free diet coke
 time for superman.

all of this, like snippets of film
beautifully burned inside my mind
replaying the scenes
never grows old
never grows dull
these memories are mine
 distant, but mine.

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