some things you can’t stop
blood all over the road
don’t look at her
on the sidewalk
it made her cry, though

“Do you hear me?”
as though someone else
were all part of some awful
wake up, and
just a part of it,
was crying again

but that was okay
sometimes . . . sometimes
looked at her with such a disappointment
after lapsing into it
I must have left both
you . . . her mother

you don’t think
I have drawn her eyes
to you, mother
I don’t mind

I need to talk to you
you have her diary
I talk
I didn’t know
she took a breath
yes . . . yes
what does she say?
that . . . that she loves him

That’s a bad feeling.
when she had this feeling
she moved over to the street
around to see
skin, as though her thoughts
read about in the news
yes, that’s what she wrote

yes mom
my god
mother, what are you?
that name is beyond her grasp

taught them Kerouac
with him, no one knew
she was part of that

when you got rid of
ripping at the seams
because it was the truth

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