Dis-LABELED – Aaron M. Kinzer

Disabled by definition
But who’s printing the text?
Why label me as such?
Because I can’t do as the rest?

Left right, Left right
Side to side shuffle I move
But I bear the label
Because I’m not smooth as you

How funny you make the rules
Then design the tools
To assist my moves with ease
Then cast a glance and move aside
As if I’m diseased
You should just leave me be

I’ll make due with no ramp or rail
I’ll lift myself like inmates from cells
Bond myself then tip the scales
In disfavor of the abled

Sadly with working legs you’re still not able
To see clear as me that my body is blessed
That while short on sense I pass tall tests
Roll up steps, scoot torsos across streets
With lifeless legs walking tall sans feet

Prosthetics assist my grip and limp
And deflate your ego big as blimp
You clap your hands & give pats on back
But please sheath thy sword, cut me no slack

I’m perfectly made as nature saw fit
Disabled has many definitions, maybe you’re it.

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