DIARY OF A MAD BLACK MAN: PART 1 – Derrick Grantley

All I wanted, was my GED,
not for my principal, to lay hands on me
He advised me,
that if I didn’t allow him to perform oral sex,
that there would be no way in the world,
that I would pass the test
I was completely perplexed
This was the head of education,
down on one knee,
asking me for some sex!
Who do I turn to?
What do I do?
Drop out of class
or continue to go to school?
Not to my surprise
I wasn’t the only one he pressured
A few months later,
He was charged,
and arrested
Not even in prison,
are we safe from our captors
Unfortunately for me,
this isn’t the first time this has happened
Open your eyes,
this is just reality
I wrote this poem,
so you can all know what happened to me!


In 2017, I was advised by the Black Stone Career Institute, student advisor, that in order for me to get a Certificate, if I was to pass the paralegal course, that I would need to first get my GED. So, in 2019, while at Florida State Prison, I enrolled in the GED program. I needed help with math.So I was placed on the tutor call out list. The tutor for all my classes, turned out to be the principal…After a few sessions, during one class, after the officer had exited the class room,I witnessed him, the principal, perform oral sex on several different prisoners. He then approached me and asked me could he give me oral sex.When I objected he advised me that there would be no way in the world that I would pass the GED test, without his help, and that the only way he would help me is if I went along with the program and allowed him to give me oral sex… Approximately 4 months later, in 2020, the principal was arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual battery…To this day,I still have flash backs and trauma from that da Nor have I received the necessary help to help me prepare for the GED test…

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