DESTINY: A Testimony – B.E. The Truth

Throughout my young life I ignored my Lord’s call, then my action bound me

In the justice system where I encountered a devastating fall

By neglecting God’s purpose, by refusing to listen

Declining to attend church and learn Biblical intervention

Controlled by pride, a sin that led me to prison. 

I would hear pathetic voices: You’re a waste! You’re worthless! You’re hated and will never get


Taunting me everyday, enticing me to sway, 

Realizing it’s nothing other than Satan’s diabolical way. 

I thirst to travel on a meaningful course

Determined to establish a foundation by Godly remorse

This is the start towards spiritual life, 

Added escaping prison malarkey and pandemonium strife. 

Praying daily but one couldn’t tell

Devoting time to God’s word, veering to dodge hell. 

Requiring God’s comfort to console me in my rest

Unaware at times I’m being subjected to His test. 

Honestly, I’ve failed, Yes! I’ve fallen short; I repent, and every time

God’s hands would cradle me in His merciful resort

Jesus upholds me as a tree planted by the river, 

Then communes in my heart, “Don’t fret, my child, in due time your God shall deliver.”

My endurance strengthens for I feel less afraid, absorbing the reality

I’ll never again hit the streets, that prison may be my final stage

In prison nothing changes from day to day

So I feverishly struggle to perceive a more potent way. 

Prison carries no limits, no boundaries, its’ very demanding 

But yet again God confided in me, 

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding.”

Today in all my ways I ask God to direct my steps on His glorious path 

Assuring His prosperity promise that shall forever last. 

God’s love has set me free

His death was life! Refuge! My Destiny.

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