Derrick Grantley

Addressing Injustice – Derrick Grantley

Justice!,Justice!,What Justice?, or do you mean just us? Words like equality and liberty,doesn’t apply to negroes like me, I’m just an African trapped in the belly of the beast Ask Jim Crow, I bet he knows, They best way to break a negro,is by locking ’em up,and taking his soul Lock ’em,throw away the key, …

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Amazing Grace – Derrick Grantley

Ever since I was a child, You’ve been right by my side You supported me! You Loved me! You ignored all the lies! I don’t know how far I would’ve made it with out you My strength and power, I attributed from you For without you, I am weak, Like a tree with no roots …

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Does Anybody Care? – Derrick Grantley

Does anybody care? or am I own my own to deal with my despair, They say we are the scums of the earth, And should have been killed at the time of Birth; Who cares that we are being subjected to torture, Deprived of sleep, stomped, beat and starved of food to eat; They scream …

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George Floyd – Derrick Grantley

After 400 years of oppression and repression, Black men are still treated like a flock of sheep and some cattle; They hunt us and stalk us, Detain us, then Blame us; They look for any reason to put their Knee on our necks, and stop us from Breathin; “I can’t breathe”, were the screams that …

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The Audacity of America – Derrick Grantley

How dare you have the audacity, to tell me, that I can’t be mad at this country, for all the things that it’s done to me! Locked me in a cell for 22 years, knowing that I’m innocent, but you refuse to give me any justice, whatsoever How can I be proud to be an …

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